The Smart, Boomless,

RRR (Ramp, Roadway & Runway) Slide-in Deicer System.

Road Saw, with cab,  built to cut holes in roadways for snow-plowable reflectors 

Pup trailer uses truck mounted bodies.

We here at Smart Manufacturing have 60 years of combined experience in design and fabrication of runway deicing equipment.  In addition to deicing equipment, we also manufacture trailers, specialty road construction equipment, customized agricultural equipment and specialized aircraft maintenance equipment.

We are a small company that accomplishes amazing things.  


An array of some of our projects.

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Road Saw without a cab.

Street Maintenance And Runway technologies

The Z-railer eliminates the troubles associated with pulling a trailer, like jack-knifing and jumping a curb.  This is a fixed hitch design that does not allow the trailer to pivot behind the tow vehicle.  Our Z-Trailer has an estimated maximum GTW of 1,900 (approximately 1,500 load capacity).